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Mill Creek Nursery Northern Lake County, IL

As I begin each season in the fields, I bring out my past years notebook.   Knowing that Spring brings out the flowering ornamentals we grow with their colors of red, pink, yellow and white. Then Summer opens up the trees incredible canopies and lush growth.  When Autumn arrives the 'stars' are the berries and colorful foliage that appears.  Then finally the trees in Winter show their unique shapes with persistent berries in colors ranging from yellow to purple.  The Evergreen trees now are the 'stars'.

Plants inspire me as a landscape architect.  Here at Mill Creek Nursery we have a unique, open way of helping individuals as well as communities and municipals.  Mill Creek Nursery, along with Mike Greco Landscaping, has submitted Tree Preservation programs written about plants availability, sizes and price.  A simple program that features our eight species of Oaks as a starter.

How is this all possible? It is a labor of love because our land requires specific species of tress to grow in its topography.  We deliberately spoil our plants with our special garden mix and our organic leaf compost mulch, which are both used in your gardens and in our fields.   Our experienced plantsmen pay constant attention to pruning, monitoring of the plants in our fields.   This is how we come up with a specimen tree, flowering ornamentals and/or evergreen trees.   Your gardens deserve this!

Always open by appointment only from Fall of 2018.

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