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“Hardscaping” is just a word.  It lets people know that stone, wood or any building material can be a large part of one’s gardens. Maybe your favorite place in all of your gardens!

It is an area where I can lead you from a room in your home to the outdoors, down a pathway, under an iron arbor filled with fragrant honeysuckle vines to a functioning and aesthetic appealing view of an elevated patio. The stone walls and large comfortable landings and steps moving you towards your patio can be surrounded with fragrant shrubs and perennials.

A patio can be simply used for viewing the surrounding gardens.  If you like to entertain, we can establish a patio that can accommodate several people at a gathering. For our cooks: let’s create enough space for your outdoor grill, sink and refrigerator.   It is important to make it blend in with the surrounding gardens and the architecture of the home or buildings that we are framing. The ceiling of this outdoor room can be a large tree with a canopy that provides shadows onto your patio.  My staff of experienced stone masons along with my vision will create many years of continued enjoyment.

I do prefer natural stone from the limestone steppers to the bluish-gray slate called bluestone. I like most quarry stone cut here in the United States. Natural stone brings out the calmness in one’s heart and soul along with the beauty of its colors, textures and shapes.  You will never want to leave.

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